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Calendar of cultural activities

May 5th 2011
Lisio instructor Julie Holyoke partecipated in the MasterClass held at Teko Design University in Herning, Denmark on May 5th, following the opening of the exhibition Pretty Smart Textiles.
During the one-day seminar, artists, educators and textile designers explored three areas of use of information technologies in textiles: light, sound, movement. As a specialist in weave patterned textiles, Ms Holyoke found the possibilities of using shape memory retaining materials, such as Nitinol and Flexinol, of particular interest for custom designed wovens at the Lisio Foundation.

April 8th 2011 , the Nardini Bookstore hosted the conference  “Tessuti d’arte: Designing Significant Textiles” with Julie Holyoke of the Lisio Foundation Arte della Seta, on the art of designing weave-patterned textiles for unique occasions.

In 2010
the "Saint Ubaldo project for the creation of the new cope for the processional statue of Gubbio commissioned the Lisio Foundation to weave the silk and gold cloth.

In 2009 - '10
Lisio Foundation created the new dress in brocade and velvet for the processionional statue of Our Lady of the Rose for the Sanctuary in Santa Margherita Ligure.

9-31 October 2009
: The Foundazione Lisio at the "Salone dell’Arte e del
Restauro di Firenze" --
Florence, Stazione Leopolda, Laboratory:
"Velvets, brocades and lampas: analysis of techniques and types"
Nardini Editore in collaboration with the Foundazione Lisio.
Saturday, October 31, from 14.00 to 16.00: Technical Session.
Conference-seminar introducing the techniques of textile art, video
projection of ancient loom;  samples analysis, annotation and recognition of
textile typologies.
Instructors: Eva Basile and Julie Holyoke.

15th - 17th  May  2009: the Lisio Foundation will take part to  "Artigianato e Palazzo, botteghe artigiane e loro committenze", Giardino Corsini, Via della Scala 115  Florence

9th April - 10th May 2009:
“LISIO Arte della Seta, continuity and exsperimentation. The costumes for the Historical procession of Orvieto and the FENDI Baguette ”, exhibition at the Museo Claudio Faina, Piazza Duomo, 29 - Orvieto

25th - 28th March 2009:
at the stand of Nardini Press presentation of “Jacquard”, the textile arts review between ancient manufactuury and restoration.
Comunication Il ripristino tessile dei divani “juvarriani” del Museo d’Arte Antica e Palazzo Madama di Torino, curated by Anna Maria Colombo.

February - March 2009:
lecture by Anna Maria Colombo on The study of the silk textile components of the standard of Czar Szujski, conserved at the Czartoryski Museum in Cracow on the occasion of the exhibition organized in association with the Hermitage and the Kremlin and held at the Museo del Tessuto, Via Santa Chiara, 24 – Prato, January 2009.

6th – 9th November 2008: participation in the framework of the International Conference: “Costume Colloquium. Tribute to Janet Arnold” at the Auditorium al Duomo, Florence. The LISIO Foundation was present with a space dedicated to the promotion of its cultural, teaching and weaving activities.

3rd – 15th November 2008: “LISIO: the maintenance of tradition combined with creativity through experimentation”, an exhibition held at Palazzo Panciatichi – headquarters of the Regional Council of Tuscan, Via Cavour, 2 – Florence.

8th November 2008: lecture by Anna Maria Colombo “The reproduction of the upholstery textiles of the “Juvarrian” divans of the Museo D’Arte Antica and Palazzo Madama of Turin” in the series of lectures organized by the Associazione Amici del Museo del Tessuto di Prato, at the Museo del Tessuto, Via Santa Chiara, 24 - Prato

27th September 2008: special opening of the Foundation workshops on the occasion of the “European Heritage Days” organized by the Italian Ministry of the Cultural Heritage in association with the FAI and Autostrade per l’Italia.

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