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The Fondazione Lisio has four rooms fully equipped for teaching purposes, a space for the preparation of punched cards and a refreshments area.

The school provides all teaching materials; participants are notified of any exceptions before they enroll. A wide range of yarns is available for use as weft. Participants should bring their own notebooks. Those attending design courses should bring drawing materials, glossy paper and fine felt-tip pens in bright (not dark) colours for making pointpaper designs.
For sample analysis and textile design courses a pick glass and a teasing needle are needed; if necessary, these can be hired from the Foundation.

Weaving laboratory
6 hand looms, 5 with manual Jacquard head - 400 hooks, 1 to 24 shafts
shelves for weft yarns
1 computer-piloted hand loom linked to a dedicated PC (inside the weaving workroom)

CAD (computer-aided design) laboratory
7 Macintosh computers

Sample analysis classroom
table equipped for sample analysis
slide projector
overhead projector
multi-media projector

Classroom for creative activities
facilities for mounting and displaying instructors’ work

Card preparation lab
2 mechanical punching machines
1 electrical punching machine
1 card lacing machine
table for punching Jacquard 100 cards
table for correcting Jacquard 400 cards

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