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The Fondazione LISIO has a specialised library with books and other materials concerning weaving techniques, historical studies of antique textiles, embroidery, lace, clothing and fashion, tapestry and carpets; there is also a section devoted to books on art, interior furnishings and contemporary fiber art.

The periodicals section contains a variety of titles, including:
- the ‘Bulletin’ and the ‘Gazette du Cieta’ of the Centre International d’Etude des Textiles Anciens of Lyons.
- ‘Notizie Nostre’ of the Associazione Professionale ex-allievi dell’Istituto “T.Buzzi” of Prato.
- ‘Notiziario Tecnico Tessile’ of the Associazione ex-allievi del Setificio “Paolo Carcano” of Como.
- ‘La Seta’ the Bulletin of the Centro di Ricerca Tessile Stazione Sperimentale della Seta of Milan.
- ‘Tinctoria’ of the Associazione Tessile Italiana.
- ‘Filo Forme’.
- ‘Datatèxtil’ of the Centre de Documentaciò i Museu Tèxtil of Terrassa.
- ‘Textile History’ – the journal of the Pasold Research Fund.
- ‘The Bulletin’ - The Textile Museum of Washington.
- ‘Fiber Arts’.
- ‘ETN Textile Forum’.
- ‘MCM. La Storia delle Cose. La Rivista delle Arti Minori’.

The rare books section contains a number of historically important volumes on weaving techniques, including:
- Traité Encyclopédique et Méthodique de la Fabrication des Tissus, par P.Falcot, Elbeuf-Mulhouse, 1852.
- Dictionnaire Général des Tissus anciens set modernes, par M.Bezon, Lyon, 1859.
- Théorie du Tissage des Étoffes de Soie, par J.Loir, Lyon-Paris, 1926.

Library open by appointment  or  ph. +39 0556801340 from monday to friday 9 am to 12 am.

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