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The Lisio Foundation is fully accessible to adults and the disabled; children are admitted only if accompanied by adults.
Children in school parties must be of at least 14 years of age. Parking facilities are available for private cars and small buses.
Animals are not allowed.

The Foundation may be visited only when a prior booking has been made. Guided visits for groups last approximately one hour.
Admission and guided visit, € 70,00 for groups up to 10 persons,  €110,00 for 11 to 20 persons, € 200,00 for two groups at the same time (more than 21 persons) and € 180,00 
for two groups at the same time for scholastic institute of the sector.

The headquarters of the Foundation are located in Ponte a Ema, near the Firenze Sud exit from the A1 motorway.
Ponte a Ema is served by ATAF buses nos. 31, 32 and 41.

The terminus for urban bus routes nos. 31 and 32 is piazza San Marco in the centre of Florence;  the trip from there to the stop at Ponte a Ema nearest Lisio takes 30-40 minutes.
The terminus for urban routes nos. 31 and 32 is piazza San Marco, in the centre of town  and the trip to Ponte a Ema takes 30-40 minutes. Get off at the stop called "Fortini11", which is opposite the Banca Toscana. Go back along the road the bus brought you as far as a junction, which you cross by skirting a car park. A pedestrian path then takes you as far as the section of via Fortini that leads to Florence. Walking against the traffic flow you soon come to a gate on the right with the number 143. Follow the directions given.

The terminus for route no. 41 is in piazza Ferrucci. The journey from there takes 5 minutes. You should get off at the stop called “Cinquevie 1”. Walk along via Fortini until you come to the gate.
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