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Velvet and brocade weaving

The distinctive features of LISIO textiles have remained unchanged for over a hundred years: products whose uniformly superb quality is the result of scrupulous attention to detail at the design stage, in the choice of the materials used and the actual weaving process.

The looms used – all made of wood, hand-operated, with mechanisms and systems that have remained unchanged since the 19th century make it possible to achieve quality levels and aesthetic effects of which modern mechanical looms are incapable.

Our textile manufacturing activity concentrates on types that feature effects which are unobtainable from contemporary industrial production, such as brocades and figured, ciselé and multiple-pile velvets.

The pile of the velvet is lifted by the loom and then a special rod is inserted to form the cut and uncut pile.

For brocades , each colour is inserted individually using small shuttles; the wider the range of colours, the slower the weaving process: about 30 cm. a day for velvets and 5cm for brocades.

All textiles are woven to order.

The designs and patterns of the collection are part of the legacy left by the original LISIO Silk Mill. They represent all the decorative typologies in vogue between the Middle Ages and the early 1900s either reproduced from original period textiles or reconstructed from depictions in paintings by the great masters of Italian art.
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Velluto Su Telaio

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