"Jacquard, Pagine di Cultura Tessile" Magazine - #Conservation

A reference for textile culture "Jacquard. Pagine di cultura tessile" provides a forum for scholars who conduct research and investigation in various fields of study relating to ancient and contemporary textiles: fabrics, embroideries, laces, tapestries, costumes and traditional regional textile productions. Is possibile to contribute to the Jacquard publishing costs.

An Indo-Portuguese Quilt dating to circa 1630

Maria Daniela Lunghi e Claudia Santamaria

Mourning Becomes Luxury. A Method for Consolidation of a Neoclassical Gown in Tulle and Stylistic Reconstruction of Its Underdress

Giusy Cusimano

Study and Restoration of the Wig of a ‘Dressed Mannequin’

Giusy Cusimano

The Textile Section of the Museum of Commodities Sciences of the La Sapienza University of Rome

Malgorzata Biniecka, Patrizia Falconi, Raffaella Preti

The fan: passion and private collecting today

Simona Lombardi