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A reference for textile culture "Jacquard. Pagine di cultura tessile" provides a forum for scholars who conduct research and investigation in various fields of study relating to ancient and contemporary textiles: fabrics, embroideries, laces, tapestries, costumes and traditional regional textile productions. Is possibile to contribute to the Jacquard publishing costs.

"Unusual". Art Nest

Anna Maria Colombo

Atelje 61. Woven tapestry art from Serbia

Ulrikka Mokdad

Maria Lai. Interweavings of Threads and Stories

Ilenia Vecchio

Marjolein Dallinga’s Sculptures in Felt. The Museo del Tessuto di Prato celebrates contemporary art

Ilenia Vecchio

My colours, my emotions and my memories. Recounting and transmitting emotions through weft and warp

Gabriella Bottaru

Paisley fantasies on jute canvas: the art of Lucia Buono

Anna Maria Colombo

Parallel lives. Attiliana Argentieri between history and Fiber- Art

Pierfrancesco Busetto

Research goes on. Experimenting with forms, colours and pleasure

Maria Luisa Malerba

Silvia Beccaria: weaving between the visible and invisible

Anna Maria Colombo

Sunday wood engraver and accidental weaver

Luigi Golin

Tapestries in the Palazzi

Eva Basile

Vite parallele. Attiliana Argentieri tra storia e Fiber-art

Pierfrancesco Busetto

Weaving Words. A new artwork by Silvia Beccaria

Camilla Merletti e Anna Maria Colombo

Weaving with Cyborgs and Other Journeys, an interview with Ruth Scheuing

Julie Holyoke

Young Fiber Artists in Their Own Words

Carole Peia

‘Implosive’ and ‘Explosive’ Models for an Analysis of the Work of Anita Pittoni. Part I. The ‘Implosive’ Models

Paola Giuntoli

‘Implosive’ and ‘Explosive’ Models for an Analysis of the Work of Anita Pittoni. Part II. The ‘Explosive’ Models, a Rereading of the Futurist and Constructivist Influences in the Work of Anita Pittoni

Paola Giuntoli

‘In the Artist’s Words’ - ‘Emotional’ Sculptures in Felt

Sanja Spasic

‘Leftover’ Art: the Fuxico Flowers

Stefanella Sposito


Marina Giordano

“Unusual”. Dresses with tales to tell

Anna Maria Colombo