"Jacquard, Pagine di Cultura Tessile" Magazine - #Tapestry

A reference for textile culture "Jacquard. Pagine di cultura tessile" provides a forum for scholars who conduct research and investigation in various fields of study relating to ancient and contemporary textiles: fabrics, embroideries, laces, tapestries, costumes and traditional regional textile productions.

A Life Woven of Multicoloured Threads: Angela Giordano’s Fifty Years of Successes

Sofia Brezzi

A World on Their Shoulders . . . and Heads!

Simona Lombardi

Atelje 61. Woven tapestry art from Serbia

Ulrikka Mokdad

Tapestries in the Palazzi

Eva Basile

Tapestries: magnifi cent structures

Laura Bertuzzi e Simona Lombardi

The Tapestries for the XI Milan Triennale (1957). The Best Years of the Manufactory of Esino Lario

Maria Taboga