Master "Textile" 2017-2018
1st level academic Master in Textiles – Creation of Art Fabrics: 1500 hours for learning to design and hand-produce precious fabrics. The course opens the way to collaborative working relationships in the ancient textiles restoration sector and in construction of costumes for the stage and film. The course foresees internships and apprenticeships at companies and at textile museums.

The aim of the Master in Textiles – Creation of Art Fabrics course is to train professionals with high technical and expressive qualifications capable of tackling both graphic design linked to traditional textile techniques and that experimental design that more frequently informs contemporary artistic production.

The theoretical lessons will be held at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence while the workshop-type subjects – as well as some theoretical aspects – will be taught at the Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio. Students will have the opportunity to participate in internships and apprenticeships at textile companies.

To register for the course, students must hold a first-level academic diploma, a minimum three-year university degree, or a foreign qualification acknowledged as equivalent under current law.  Let us remind you that students may not register for both the Master and other AFAM courses in the same academic period.

To guarantee that all the participants will be able to use the looms and all the technical  aids made available by Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio, only ten students will be admitted to the course. 
Applications must be received no later than 15 November 2017 and, should the number of applications received exceed the number of available places, the Accademia will conduct testing to select candidates. Lessons will commence on 8 January 2018.

Through direct experience on various types of looms, students will learn about textile materials – yarns, colours, structures – and how to manipulate them and to turn them to their own creative ends.
  • For the 2017/2018 academic year, at the end of the Master course the two students who will have received the highest overall grades will each be awarded  a scholarship covering registration fees, courtesy of TIAC – The International Arts & Culture Group. 
  • From 15 October to 15 November 2017, young graduates residing in Tuscany may apply for financial aid to the Azienda per il Diritto allo Studio della Regione Toscana, which makes available four thousand euro in advanced training vouchers for attendance at post-graduate master courses held during the 2017/2018 academic year. For detailed information on the requirements for applying and to consult the announcement visit the website at
  • It is also possible to obtain funding for the Master in Textiles – Creation of Art Fabrics in the form of Region of Tuscany Training Vouchers:  coverage of up to 3,000 euro for young VAT-registered professionals residing or domiciled in Tuscany. The expiry dates for applying for the Region of Tuscany training vouchers is three-monthly, beginning on 30 September 2017 (with the second on 31 December, and so on). We advise interested parties to consult the regional announcement for further information.
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Applications must be received no later than 15 November 2017 


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