60-Minute In-Depth Conferences
We organise conferences on the history of Fondazione Lisio, on the peculiarities of weaving in silk and on general subjects relating to textile culture and its links to the history of art and costume.

Each conference can be held in conjunction with a guided tour of the manufactory.

150 € each 60-minute conference | from Monday through Friday

Conferences in the Italian and English Languages

1. Fondazione Lisio: History, the Manufactory and Cultural Activities.

A presentation of the activities of Fondazione Lisio, from the start of the company’s history in 1906, through the two world wars and the years that saw the rise of Made in Italy, to the establishment of Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio in the 1970s, the expansion of the school, reordering of the archives and development of cultural activities.

2. Fondazione Lisio: Projects and Creations for High Fashion.

A description of how Lisio has collaborated with the haute couture fashion houses. In detail, this conference concentrates on the process of creation of fabrics for high fashion from the designer’s idea, through the various phases of research and weaving, to the finished product.  Importance is given to Lisio’s experimentation with unusual materials and solutions, which has permitted the manufactory to seamlessly combine original design ideas with the practical work of weaving on the loom.

3. The Weaves of Silk. How to identify damasks, velvets, brocades and lampases. Applications in historic and contemporary fabrics.

This conference presents the elements typical of the various textile types with the aim of imparting an understanding their differences and the characteristics of each. Participants will also be shown how these fabrics are used in such goods sectors as interior decorating, complements and clothing/fashion.

4. Reconstruction of Historic Textiles. The Lisio Experience, Yesterday and Today.

An excursus through Lisio’s numerous and different experiences with reconstruction of antique fabrics destined for use in period costumes, decorating in royal palaces and liturgical paraments. The conference concentrates on the methods and processes involved – study and research, design aspects and preparation of the looms – required to ‘recreate’ the historical fabric that is the object of the reconstruction; that is, obtain a product with characteristics identical to the original.

5. Hand-Woven Velvet through History, in Interior Decorating and in Fashion.

The conference explores the historic techniques and characteristics of hand-cut velvet and the differences with respect to the 20th-century mechanical ‘a bacchetta’ (rod) and ‘doppia pezza’ (double cloth) techniques. Examples of textiles from the 15th through the 18th century, taken from the Fondazione Lisio historic archives, will be presented alongside velvets produced by Lisio from the early 1900s to the present.

6. The evolution of fashion and clothes through the works of art particularly Florentine from XVI TO XVII century

7. The evolution of fashion and clothes through the works of art particularly Florentine from XIV to XV century

Conferences in the Italian Language

8. Flower and Fruit Creations in Fabrics (Le creazioni di fiori e frutta nei tessuti)

9. The Florentine Velvets: Evolution of the Principal Decorative Motifs from the 15th to the 18th Century (I Velluti fiorentini: evoluzione dei principali motivi decorativi tra XV e XVIII secolo)

10. The Florentine ‘Figured’ Fabrics from the 15th to the 17th century ( I tessuti “figurati” fiorentini tra XV e XVII secolo)

11. Poor’ Fabrics from the 15th to the 17th Century (I Tessuti ‘poveri’ tra XV e XVII secolo)

12. The ‘Teletta’ Coarse-Weave Fabric in Metal Thread: a Technique for Precious Fabrics (La ‘teletta’ in filato metallico: una tecnica per tessuti pregiati)

13. The Raw Materials of Weaving (Le materie prime per la tessitura: impariamo a conoscerle)

14. Tools and Accessories for Weaving, Past and Present Strumenti e accessori per la tessitura tra passato e presente)

15. Notions of Textile Conservation and Maintenance (Elementi per la conservazione e la manutenzione dei tessili)

16. Nature and Its Symbols in the Tapestries of the Sala dei Duegento in Palazzo Vecchio (La natura e i suoi simboli negli arazzi della Sala dei Duegento in Palazzo Vecchio)

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