The teaching activities, instituted in the 1980s, are intended to train textile and costume experts, designers, weavers, public and private entities, museum and collection curators, superintendency personnel and young designers and artists, uniting avant-garde technologies and historic textile culture and production techniques. Having earned Training Agency accreditation in 2012, we continue to provide training, including courses accredited and funded by the Region of Tuscany.

Scheduled courses

Our Art School teaches textile skills at every level, from the basic to the highly specialised, with study programs concentrating on both ancient and contemporary textiles. Training comprises theoretical lessons – identification, technical analysis, basic concepts – and practical aspects such as design, weaving, restoration and embroidering. Our annual course calendar is constantly being updated; we also plan customised courses to meet the training needs of public and private entities.


Our teaching staff includes scholars and experts, all of whom are highly competent in their sectors of textile culture. All our teachers boast years of experience in teaching as well as in historic research and design work .

Biannual Course - Historical Tailoring, Costume for the Performing Arts

The objective of this course is to train professionals to reconstruct costumes and accessories consistent with historical periods - from antiquity to contemporary, fantasy and comics - intended to represent a theatrical, cinematographic, philological or fantastical re-enactment subject. It offers complete training, structured in quarters, aimed at acquiring sartorial professionalism for measuring up to and communicating with the various professional figures of the performing arts and live shows.

Master I level "Textile - Creation of Art Fabrics"

1st level academic Master in Textiles – Creation of Art Fabrics: 1500 hours for learning to design and hand-produce precious fabrics. The course opens the way to collaborative working relationships in the ancient textiles restoration sector and in construction of costumes for the stage and film. The course foresees internships and apprenticeships at companies and at textile museums.

School Management System