It is in published works that Fondazione Lisio most concretely realises its mission to transmit and make known the heritage of creations, knowledge and knowhow, and activities that have only grown since the manufactory was founded in far-off 1906 and the foundation was established in 1971. A heritage which continues through today – or better, tomorrow, since we always look to the future in that spirit of ‘continuity’ and ‘experimentation’ that has always characterised our work.
1526651865 thevelvets o landini

The velvets in the collection of the Costume Gallery in Florence

It is generally difficult to identify the manufactory where historic fabrics were produced. Ih this study, performed on the collection of historic textiles conserved in the Costume Gallery in Florence, the author Roberta Orsi Landini has chosen a specific category of fabrics - the silk velvets - and analysed their characteristics of workmanship. The silks velvets make up about half the entire collection and number around four hundred, datable between the fifteenth and the end of the eighteenth century.
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The LISIO Foundation and FENDI

From 1997 to 2005, as well as for the groundbreaking fashion show held in 2007 on the Great Wall of China, the Fondazione Lisio has created velvets, brocades and silks decorated with antique motifs. Fendi has worked side by side the Fondazione Lisio for every phase of the articulated design process for twelve Baguette models, all of which have been created with hand-stitched fabrics produced on the Fondazione legendary looms.
1526654765 eleonora book

Moda a Firenze 1540-1580 | Eleonora di Toledo

The book focuses on Eleonora di Toledo Duchess of Tuscany history and legend, florentine textile production and garments recorded in Elenora's wardrobe accounts.
1526468386 lisio costumi1

Lisio and Historical Costumes

A monograph on historical reconstruction - using Lisio Foundation's fabrics - of costumes for the Orvieto Pageant and three different historical costumes coming from a private collection.
1526916814 atti statue sacre vestite fond lisio 2014 cop

E-book Statue sacre vestite

1516468148 centoanni lisio copertina

1906-2006 One hundred years of Lisio's Fabrics

This book's intent is to convey Giuseppe Lisio's creativity, aesthetic sense and love of an age-old textile tradition. This book cannot describe thoroughly the immense Lisio production, but it can certainly help to make better known the Foundation's unique contribution to the survival of an ancient tradition and to the production of "excellence".
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