We are a heterogeneous group composed of art historians, teachers specialising in textiles, designers, textile technicians and weavers, experts in the editorial/publishing, project development and communication sectors. A group, in short, so composed as to be able to efficiently respond, with its myriad competences, to any need relating to management of the manufactory, the school, the Jacquard magazine editorial offices and exhibitions and events.

General Management

Stefano Gallastroni

General manager
Tel: 0556801340 

General Secretariat 

Cecilia Cerchiarini

General Secretariat
Tel: 0556801340 - int. 1

Training Secretariat and Coordination
Tel: 0556801340 - int. 1


Silvia Focardi

Accounting Administration
Tel: 0556801340 - int. 2

Communication and Promotion

Communication Officer
Tel: 0556801340 - int. 3 

Science Officer of the Collections, Archives and Library

Paola Marabelli

Science Officer 
Tel: 0556801340

Art School and Training Agency 

Elena Baistrocchi

Training Officer
Tel: 0556801340

Paola Marabelli

Science Officer 
Tel: 0556801340

Textile Manufactory

Sabine Pretsch

Textile Manufactory Officer
Tel: 0556801340 - int. 4

Development and Design

Eva Basile

Designer and textile expert, teacher
Tel: 0556801340

Weavers Group

Oriana Castagnozzi

Velvets and Brocades – Manufactory Technical Manager

Gian Paolo Cerchiarini

Velvets – Manufacturing Technician

Anna Ciccone

Velvets and Brocades – Fabric Design and Development Assistant

Adele Olivieri

Velvets and Brocades

Magazine Editorial Director

"Jacquard. Pagine di cultura tessile"


Paola Marabelli

Editorial Staff:

Eva Basile, Anna Maria Colombo, Katia Maratea


Lexis Firenze

Graphics Layout and Prepress:

Pacini Editore

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