Where to buy
Our fine fabrics are available in Italy, at our manufacture, but also abroad at "Turnell & Gigon", our exclusive distributor for United Kindom, "Catherine Mabire" our agent in France and "Marcello Boss" our agent in United States.

Catherine Mabire | France

She collaborates with english, italian and french Ateliers, each of whom, each in his own field, cultivates love for beauty. These Ateliers perpetuate their know-how from the most qualitative materials and develop customized collections.

Catherine Mabire
Paris -France
Tél.00 33 6 19 08 85 82 

By appointment only.

London and Northern Ireland

Turnell & Gigon | United Kindom

Established in 1982, Turnell & Gigon distributes and produces exquisite fabrics, wallcoverings and trimmings from some of the finest Houses in Europe and the United States.

Turnell & Gigon Group
Design Centre
Chelsea Harbour,
Lots Road, London SW10 0XE
+44 (0)20 7259 7280

United States

Marcello Boss - MBP Design

Marcello is working with some of the finest Italian furniture, chandelier and linen companies for decades and represents or distributes them throughout the USA. He has built personal relations with the most accomplished and renowned architectural and interior design firms throughout his 10 years residing in Russia and for the past 15 years in the United States alike.

The love for details and personal customer service will make it easy to design and create your individual, hand woven fabrics and more.

MBP Design, Miami, Florida – USA
+1 786 412 5715


Our Hand Weaving in silk

We weave our fabrics only on hand-operated Jacquard looms. The weaver’s hand is fundamental to fabric creation: punctilious attention to design, selection of the precious yarns and precise workmanship are the elements that set our manufactory apart and make all our products exclusive examples of artisan excellence.