Fondazione Lisio designs and creates fabrics inspired by traditional designs as well as absolutely modern, original works. The fabrics are woven entirely by hand on manual, late 19th-century Jacquard looms, using silks and gold and silver threads as well as new materials, fruit of the most advanced technological research.
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Our Creations

Fondazione Lisio’s creations for haute couture, where experimentation with ancient hand-production techniques unites with selection of unusual materials and contemporary design motifs, run parallel to those researched for reconstructions of historic ambiences and costumes, where technical planning and design supported by historical research are fundamental.
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Hand Weaving

We weave our fabrics only on hand-operated Jacquard looms. The weaver’s hand is fundamental to fabric creation: punctilious attention to design, selection of the precious yarns and precise workmanship are the elements that set our manufactory apart and make all our products exclusive examples of artisan excellence.
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Jacquard Looms

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