Fondazione Lisio designs and creates fabrics inspired by traditional designs as well as absolutely modern, original works. The fabrics are woven entirely by hand on manual, late 19th-century Jacquard looms, using silks and gold and silver threads as well as new materials, fruit of the most advanced technological research.


Fondazione Lisio’s creations for haute couture, where experimentation with ancient hand-production techniques unites with selection of unusual materials and contemporary design motifs, run parallel to those researched for reconstructions of historic ambiences and costumes, where technical planning and design supported by historical research are fundamental.

The Hand Weaving

We weave our fabrics only on hand-operated Jacquard looms. The weaver’s hand is fundamental to fabric creation: punctilious attention to design, selection of the precious yarns and precise workmanship are the elements that set our manufactory apart and make all our products exclusive examples of artisan excellence.

The Hand-Operated Jacquard Looms

Our ancient hand-operated looms give form to precious figured, looped- and cut-pile and ciselé velvets and brocades woven with silks, gold and silver, in the classical patterns handed down by textile tradition, or as new creations designed to client specifications. One of our strong points is the ability of our weavers – and our able technicians – to conserve and breathe new life into these ancient, fascinating ‘machines’ and to adapt them to any need as it arises.

Velvets and Brocades

Lisio's legacy stands out for his precious fabrics, a richrange of velvets and brocades woven on hand-operated Jacquard looms by time-honoured techniques and in the patterns that characterised various eras, from the Middle Ages through the 1800s; he drew much of his inspiration from the works of Italy's best-known artists: Giotto, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Angelico, Veronese and others.

Lampas and Damasks

A selection of Lisio's designs, taken from our historical archive, and woven as "lampas", "damask" or "brocatelle" techniques, available in many metres and different colors.

Where to buy

Our fine fabrics are available in Italy, at our manufacture, but also abroad at "Turnell & Gigon", our exclusive distributor for United Kindom, "Catherine Mabire" our agent in France and "Marcello Boss" our agent in United States.

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