"Jacquard, Pagine di Cultura Tessile" Magazine - #Embroidery

A reference for textile culture "Jacquard. Pagine di cultura tessile" provides a forum for scholars who conduct research and investigation in various fields of study relating to ancient and contemporary textiles: fabrics, embroideries, laces, tapestries, costumes and traditional regional textile productions. Is possibile to contribute to the Jacquard publishing costs.

Chinese embroidery: schools, styles, techniques and stitches

Elettra Casarin

Embroideries from the Land of Roses. Bulgarian Fabrics and Embroideries in a Private Collection in Genoa

Maria Daniela Lungh

From embroidery to finished gown. Notes from collections designed by Franca Polacco

Irina Inguanotto

La ferme: the story of an embroidery thought to be an engraving

Simona Lombardi e Martina Panuccio

Melchion Briosco ricamatore milanese

Bice Diana Montalto

Orientalism and Fashion in the Empire Period: an embroidered scarf from Genoa’s Textile Collections

Loredana Pessa e Claudia Santamaria

Painting and Chasing with Needle and Thread. Ancient arts, eternally new

Cristian Minuti

Painting and embroidery in liturgical vestments. Ancient skills revived in Cremona

Cardinale Giovanni Lajolo, Cristian Minuti e Tobia Beati

Pittura e cesello ad ago. Antiche arti eternamente nuove

Cristian Minuti

The Art of Embroidery at the Service of the Virgin Mary

M. Anna Maria Cànopi osb

The Our Lady of Sorrows in the Cathedral of Trento: clothes made by the workshop of Rinaldo Martini

Alice Simoncini