From June 08, 2020 to June 10, 2020
Online Course | Needlepoint lace. Recognition, study and cataloguing
The course offers to the students tools to be able to recognize, analyze and describe laces, by observation of objects in various states of conservation, antique and contemporary. Teacher: Thessy Schoenholzer Nichols

Streaming ONLINE,  ZOOM Meeting

course length: 21 hours | from 9 am to 1pm, from 2pm to 5pm

total cost: € 360,00

The course is provided in Italian and/or English language.

The course will teach recognition of various needle lace techniques, lace-making from picage to joining;

mixed-technique laces: needle and bobbin, hosiery frame/loom, horizontal and vertical knits; Rachel, tulle, bobbinet, Cornely, Bonnaz, Leaver, Barmen, hand- operated embroidery machine, Schiffli, Multihead machines; perforated, cut and chemical lace; lace fabrics, Nottingham curtain lace frame; other techniques: filet, macramé, tatting, crotchet etc.

buying the two online courses the price is discounted

Online Courses: Bobbin lace + Needlepoint lace

Discount of 10% buying the two basic skills courses to recognize, analyze and describe laces. Theacher: Thessy Schoenholzer Nichols

the "Textile Expert" learning path

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