Haute Couture
Fendi and Fondazione Lisio

The collaboration between Fendi and the Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio is a perfect example of italian savoir faire and excellence in craftsmanship. In a successful blend of innovation and tradition, the most modern design technologies merge with time-tested production techniques for velvets, silk brocades, and precious metals, which the Fondazione has protected and passed on since its founding in 1971. From 1997 to 2004, as well as for the groundbreaking fashion show held in 2007 on the Great Wall of China, the Fondazione Lisio has created velvets, brocades and silks decorated with antique motifs. Fendi has worked side by side the Fondazione Lisio for every phase of the articulated design process for twelve Baguette models, all of which have been created with hand-stitched fabrics produced on the Fondazione legendary looms. The first Baguette in 1997, created with a patterned velvet that defi nes and highlights Fendi's double F monogram, pays a homage to the ancient art of hand-weaving valuable velvets, a technique in Italian manufacturing that achieved its splendid apex from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries.

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