From July 01, 2024 to July 12, 2024
Jacquard Design and Weaving course + Lodging
Basic course to introduce participants to the Jacquard design process, to loom technology and the specifics of the Lisio loom set-ups. The student will stay at Fondazione Lisio apartments, price for this course is cumulative of the accomodation costs.

course length: 70 hours | from MON to FRI, from 9 am to 5 pm

total cost: € 2.130,00 taxes included (course  €1.750,00 + accommodation €380,00 at the apartments near Lisio Foundation)


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"Jacquard Design and Weaving. Figured fabrics drawn with the weft" course + Lodging

Teacher: Eva Basile

This unit introduces the Jacquard design process: structure of the fabric design, pattern drawing, loom technology, design of figured fabrics, decorative ground weft effects and the specifics of the Lisio loom set-ups. Patterning of the fabric surface in this basic course is achieved using self-patterning ground weft techniques.

Each participant verifies the entire process at the Lisio workshop on one of the 5 hand- operated jacquard looms.  


Knowledge of basic weaves and graphic software, basic weaving skills, design skills. Students bring artwork ready for the workshop.

for Basic Skills check out -> Weaving and -> Textile Design

the "Designer" learning path

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